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Survival Horror Set 5:Occult Terrors The Horror Within $3.95 $2.96
Publisher: DARKMOOK Paper Miniatures
by Tiago H. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/04/2019 19:50:53

Darkmook reaches a very difficult standart in paper miniature design. His miniatures are very easy to cut, and at the same time, have a very distinctive silhouette, that makes them very easy to identify in the game table.

This set has some very generic special service agents, that could stand for FBI, CIA, or any law enforcement or dark government agency that could be of use in a modern setting. And some very good mutants or aberrations that are clearly inspired by resident evil, but have as many different uses as the agents. This set have many options for being used as heroes and opponents alike.

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Survival Horror Set 5:Occult Terrors The Horror Within
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