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0 hr: Demon Delve Cavern $4.95
Publisher: 0-hr
by Mike P. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 11/14/2021 14:02:55

I love 2D tiles, and am a huge fan of 0One Games' skirmish tiles. The problem I've always had with them is that they lack an inner consistency. If you used any one pack of 0One games' tiles, you end up with the random dungeon crawl of bygone years (which is great - but not for thematic campaigns!). What's great about 0HR's line of 2D tiles is that they are entirely encapsulated environments - they take up a decent amount of table space, but every passage links to another - there's an inner cohesion to the whole thing. As I printed off the pages and put this cavern together on my drawing table, I got more and more excited - especially when the pages of the secret rooms/passages printed off. This is an excellent product for a perfect price point. If you're looking for a quick way to give your players a night of adventure with minis, then this is the ticket! It even comes with room descriptions, which can be tailored for whatever denizens you populate the Cavern with. The creators used a flying demon, but I've populated my cave with Spiders and Driders and Owl Bears (Oh my!). Okay, no owl bears - but many arachnid style creatures.

Two thumbs WAAAY up. Highly recommended.

Addendum, 2021 - Words fail me for how good the 0-hr maps are. I own all the fantasy ones, and printed them off back in the days before VTT. After the Amber Heart Inn, Demon Delve Cavern was the one I used the most. Unlike many products from "back in the day" (like the 0One maps, which I love, but can no longer use easily), 0-hr has the edge, because they included a massive poster JPG that can be used for VTT. I have some old PDFs I can't open in something like Photoshop to grab the images, so they're virtually useless to me, short of screen shots of zoomed-in-PDFs and a lot of puzzlework. So even though the physical printed version has given up the ghost, I know my players will be fighting for their lives in the Demon Delve Caverns again. I don't know what perils they'll find there, but I'm starting to think about how to use all the 0-hr maps in a tight little "Lost Mine of Phandelver" sort of setup, with the Amber Heart Inn and Lily's Tavern as the home bases...but what lies beneath? Very likely these caverns! Thanks for alll the good times and memories, 0 Hr!

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0 hr: Demon Delve Cavern
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