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0 hr: Lilly's Tavern $4.95
Publisher: 0-hr
by Mike P. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 11/14/2021 13:53:25

Words fail me for how good the 0-hr maps are. I own all the fantasy ones, and printed them off back in the days before VTT. Lilly's Tavern was the site of many a first session bar fight (back before it was too cliche, lol) as well as a rest stop on long journeys. It was our go-to tavern for a long time. I printed it, mounted it on foam core, and had it in our game room for ages. And unlike many products from "back in the day," 0-hr has the edge, because they included a massive poster JPG that can be used for VTT. I have some old PDFs I can't open in something like Photoshop to grab the images, so they're virtually useless to me, short of screen shots of zoomed-in-PDFs and a lot of puzzlework. So even though the physical printed version has given up the ghost, I know my players will be returning to Lilly's Tavern on Roll20. It will be nice to be sitting down for a mug of ale or mead in familiar digs.

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0 hr: Lilly's Tavern
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