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0 hr: Temple of the Moon $4.95
Publisher: 0-hr
by Mike P. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 11/14/2021 13:50:06

Words fail me for how good the 0-hr maps are. I own all the fantasy ones, and printed them off back in the days before VTT. Had some great adventures in the Temple of the Moon. And unlike many products from "back in the day," 0-hr has the edge, because they included a massive poster JPG that can be used for VTT. I have some old PDFs I can't open in something like Photoshop to grab the images, so they're virtually useless to me, short of screen shots of zoomed-in-PDFs and a lot of puzzlework. The cartography of this space is gorgeous and epic. I can imagine so many adventures in this space, and am excited to send some of my players back to the Temple of the Moon in the coming year.

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0 hr: Temple of the Moon
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