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Councilor's House Card Model $2.95
Publisher: Dave Graffam Models
by dominique b. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/27/2023 02:36:46

Really disappointed with this model. I am a real fan of David Graffam's models. I have bought near all the collection and built a lot of models in 15mm, 20mm and 28/30mm. This time, even if the overal shape looks really good, several things are really missing. First, no footprint for the building. It's a pity if you want to create a village: you will have most of the buildings with footprints and this one without. Second, there is no option to add, move, modify any door or window apart if you add roof dormers. So big parts of walls are without openings. HOpe this file will be modified; in that way, 5 stars will be justified. Dominique

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Creator Reply:
I'm sorry this one didn't meet your expectations. I'm always trying new approaches to my models, and this time I did rely on the addition of optional dormers and other 3D components to add more windows and doors to the overall structure, meaning that the model will be fairly plain if you do not add some of them. That was intentional, as it allows this model to be easily adapted to be more humble or more luxurious with a minimum of layer selecting. But I totally understand that it's fun and useful to be able to add windows and doors individually. As for the footprint, this model's variable 3D configuration made it really difficult to come up with an elegant way to fit the ground piece(s) within the dimensions available on US Letter/A4 sheets, so I didn't include a ground piece. However, I do offer ground tile kits that can be used for any of my models that don't have their own ground pieces.
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Councilor's House Card Model
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