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The Last Romans (I). Generic romans 4-5AD $7.00
Publisher: Vyacheslav Batalov
by Steven P. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/14/2022 17:57:49

This set, like all of Vyacheslav's figures, are drawn from one side and reversed. They are drawn with great detail, and solid research into the proper equipment and dress. With each release, his shading, and use of color palette grows more pleasing.

This set of 4th-5th century Romans will be most useful for rules such as Dux Bellorum, Broken Legions, and Lion Rampant, all from Osprey. They will also be welcomd by players of Simon McDowell's excellent "Comitatatus". Most of the figures can be utilized as Romans, or Sub-Roman British.

The set contains Heavy Cavalry, both armored and un-armored, with command; light cavalry, with either bow or javelins; a nice bolt shooter, with crew; two fully armored foot standard bearers, and a choice of three foederatti leaders, "romanized" to different degrees. There is a sheet with eight 'formed' infantry, four of them armored, and the other four with helmet and shield; another page includes eight skirmishers, four with bow, and four with javelins.

These are a very much needed set, and represent the artist at his best. With the release of the "Scourge of God" set of Huns, adventure in the Fifth Century awaits you.

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The Last Romans (I). Generic romans 4-5AD
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