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Boocoo Fire Mission - Vietnam Wargame $12.50
Publisher: Ostfront Publishing
by Patrick C. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 03/15/2023 17:04:27

Boocoo Fire Missions is an interesting game. It has all the chrome and feel you would expect from a VN wargame. Nine (!) different Allied army lists, covering different periods of the war, ARVN, various sorts of US Army, Marines and ANZACs. Three VN lists, VC and NVA of different time periods.

This is a game where 1 base = 1 squad, or vehicle/helo. A platoon will have a HQ, and 2-3 squads. Turns are activation based. Activations are alternated, and interestingly, a unit can do multiple things, if you want to use up the APs that way.

The is air strikes and helos, tanks and APVs, so you can do pretty much anything that happened. They even have the ONTOS :)

Morale is handled by troop quality, with better troops being able to make skill checks more easily. This lets them do things (or avoid bad things) more easily.

An interesting and unique feature is "terrain points" You can have one platoon max at each TP. Units can hide there, move from a TP to another TP. Usually it's Charlie using the TP, but it would make sense for Allied special units to use them in some cases (like a raid on the HCM trail). Some aspects of TP are not as well described as one might wish. Specifically "reveal" vs detected. A revealed unit is NOT detected, even if you have LOS to it. You need to detect it as normal.

If you are fired on from a TP you know the fire is coming from the TP, BUT the units are not detected. It's easier to detect a unit that is firing on you, but not certain.

Combat is pretty easy, you fire by squad, most use one D6, and a whole platoon can shoot at one target, if you have the AP for it.

It helpfully comes with several QRS for INF actions, TP and skill checks. The play is quick, and pretty easy.

I would suggest that you places the forces close if you have a lot of Jungle on the table - movement is 4"/ turn. Lots of boring movement if they are far apart!

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Boocoo Fire Mission - Vietnam Wargame
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