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Gladiators. $1.50
Publisher: Vyacheslav Batalov
by Steven P. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/14/2022 18:21:52

This set of figures contains eight of the main Gladiator 'types', in very good action poses. The figures are drawn from one side, then 'flipped' to give a mirrored appearance. The drawing and shading are well done, the armor is especially well presented.

The Gladiator types include four 'heavies', the Murmillo, the Secutor, and the Provocateur, representing Rome, and the Samnite. There are two spear wielding figures, the Gallus and the Hoplomach. the Gallus has a large shield, the Hoplomach a small round one. The Tracian(think Spartacus) has full armor, but a smaller shield, and a curved sword. finally, the Retiarius, with trident and net being thrown.

These figures will be useful to anyone playing any of the fine gladiator games available. I am using mine with "Red Sand Blue Sky" from Two Hour Wargames. One of the nice features of the Retiarius is that the net is drawn in such a way that it can be cut off, and mounted on it's own base, after it has been thrown, in game.

These figures will also be most useful for those playing out the Servile Revolt of Spartacus.

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