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Crashlanding: A Sc-Fi Solo Game $2.12
Publisher: Terry Catton
by Michael O. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/22/2022 16:12:39

Easy to learn, easy to play, not so easy to win!

Got my hands on this lil' treat about a month ago, and finally had the chance to set a spell and actually play it. Coming from a background of WARMACHINE, BattleTech, and Flames of War, it was a little disconcerting to find a rules-set with only eight pages printed out. However, I sat down, read through the rules, and started throwing some dice. My Clone squad of the Grand Army of the Republic set down without injury on Caro, and over the next six turns, managed to get themselves and Senator Amidala to the automated emergency station, fighting their way past a Bandicute and a whole bunch of Sprinters.

Seriously, the rules are extremely simple and easy to follow; all you need are a pair of D6 and a tape measure. I used a double handful of rocks from my yard for the Rocky Fields and Outcroppings needed in the terrain, and I was very pleased with how the terrain itself plays a really big role in the function of the game; not something I often see. At its most basic, straight out of the tin, Crashlanding is an excellent Beer and Pretzels game, eminently suitable for rolling some bones without straining your noodle like a certain Gothic game out of the UK. It also functions very well as an introductory kind of game for younger players, and if you wanted to make it tough, you could easily add in quick rules like jump-packs, heavy weapons, more monsters, more weather effects, more terrain, and never play the same game twice.

Ah, and before I forget, it also took very well to my random scenario generators I have lying about, making it even more flexible. Come to think on it, it would make a great tabletop game to bring with to cons and the like, get people into rolling dice!

Thanks, Terry! Very well done!

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Crashlanding: A Sc-Fi Solo Game
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