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Five Parsecs From Home - Expansion 1 - Trailblazers Toolkit $9.99
Publisher: Modiphius
by William B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 09/14/2021 21:33:13

Editing my rating to two stars. There just isn't anything in this expansion I really wanted. What I was hoping for was more to do, like additional story events, and I was also hoping the no-mini combat rules would be included. The designer has put the no-mini rules on the patreon page for yet another additional purchase. Five Parsecs is a fun game, but I'm asbsolutely not going to buy expansions AND a subscription on Patreon. That's just cheap, and not treating customers very well in my opinion.

There is some OK material in here like multiple types difficulty tweaks, which I do not currently need because the game is already brutal, but I might use them as I get better at the game. Not to mention the base game already has difficulty tweaks. Low value at best.

AI Variations adds some uncertainty to enemy actions, which I like. - Edit: Upon trying this I didn't like it. All it does is add additional dice rolls to combat. For the time being, I'm sticking to the simpler AI in the core rules.

It contains some random name generators which are nice. I would have also liked to see some tables for character names. This is a no value item, random name generators are all over the internet for free. Not to mention I've read hundreds of sci-fi novels, and can pull better names out of my head on demand.

The PVP and Co-Op stuff I will never use. Zero value to me.

An introductory campaign in an expansion? Seems like we could have used that, oh I don't know, when we were first learning to play the game. This adds zero value for me.

I'm also very disappointed that the non-tactical combat rules are not included. Apparently they are available for an additional subscription service? I think someone wants to bring microtransactions to tabletop gaming. If the game continues down this path of additional fees for basic things (non-tactical combat rules are included in Savage Worlds core rules, for example) I'm just going to stop playing.

Overall, a weak offering for $10. I wish I could get a refund.

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Five Parsecs From Home - Expansion 1 - Trailblazers Toolkit
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