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Siberian Bear. Generic Russian-style army in Middle Asia 1864-1880. $10.00
Publisher: Vyacheslav Batalov
by Steven P. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 12/26/2020 15:03:21

This set is a ready to go army for games such as Sword and the Flame. 52 characters, making up Command, Infantry, Cavalry, and Artillery in the style of late 19th century Siberian troops. I printed mine at two pages per sheet of 8-1/2 x 11 inch paper, and the infantry is 25mm, from feet to eyes. I used 28 pound paper, and glue with Scotch winkle Free glue sticks. I find it easier to cut out both halves of the figures, THEN gk\lue them together to get the best allignment,

The artwork is very pleasing, with a great variety of faces, some bearded, some clean shaven, with different hair colors. Horses are if several poses, none 'static' except the ones being used to steady the fire of the dismounted cossacks. some os the cossacks have fur caps, some have the peaked cap. some have lances, some swords, some carbines.

The artillery includes a light field gun, a gatling machine gun, and a lin\mber with horse team. There is a good mix of crew members, including ammo carriers and seargents. There is also a pack donkey.

The infantry is in a good asoortment of poses, firing, defending and charging. These will be exceelent for skirmish games.

The figures are printed with the same art on both sides, simply 'mirrorred'. I have no problem with this, as it makes identifying figures easy from any side of the game table. Bases are NOT provided, but slotted bases are reccomended. I used some folding bases from One Monk miniatures, with good results.

I tuly hope that Vyacheslav Batalov will continue to grow this series, with the forces of Queen Victoria, and the soldiers of the 19th century Indian Army.

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Siberian Bear. Generic Russian-style army in Middle Asia 1864-1880.
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