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Battle for Eldorado [BUNDLE] $22.00 $20.00
Publisher: Vyacheslav Batalov
by Steven P. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/09/2021 14:03:04

This bundle is a great value: 177 individual images, making up just about any army you could want for playing the Conquest of Mexico , Peru, or an 'imagi-nation' of you choice. For the Spanish, there are cavalry, muskets, crossbows, sword and buckler men, polearms, cannons, cavalry, and war dogs. The sets of Aztek, Mayan, and Inca warriors contain special warrior societies, common warriors, skirmishers, and, for the Toltecs, my favorite: lads throwing gourds filled with live bees.

The artwork is stunnily beautiful, with mirror images for both sides of the figures. All are in profile. I printed mine two images to a page, on 28lb paper. I assemble mine with Scotch Wrinkle-free gluesticks, and get great results. After basing them, I apply a coat of matte Mod Podge.

These figures will be perfect for skirmish games, such as Osprey's "The Men Who Would Be Kings", or possibly "Rebels and Patriots". A little tweaking of the lists should be all it takes.

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Battle for Eldorado [BUNDLE]
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