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Ultimate Rescue Force! CARTRIDGE EDITION $9.00
Publisher: Sundered Vault
by Melissa K. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/27/2020 13:43:58

This is absolutely fun and very different than my usual game types. It took a few goes for me and my sister to get the bad guy movement and attacks down, but when we did we had 3 hours of fun. We were going to watch a movie that night too, but this game ate up our time together instead. Glad I bought it because she wants it too and she doesn't game much! The book is wonderfully done, but the miniatures were my favorite part and characters. I like the equality so much. I played Camila and Jade the most. It took a few hours before my sister came over to print and set this up, but it is worth it as it looks like a kickbutt video game on your table! So it has a small learning curve, but and is fun and some moments feel very heroic! We did roleplay a bit while we played. Anyways I had a great night with my sis, and this was a big reason why!

  • Melissa

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Ultimate Rescue Force! CARTRIDGE EDITION
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