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Ancient Navy $5.99
Publisher: Voxelhouse
by Allan G. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/08/2022 10:42:52

I'm relatively new at 3d printing, with an Anycubic Mega i3 FDM printer. I printed a trireme as a test as a prelude to printing a couple of navies. The trireme wouldn't print from the .stl file due to parts of the ship being off the baseplate. I lowered the z-axis by 0.05mm and the body of the ship printed fine. I'm actually pretty happy with the ship. Unfortunately, I was unable to get a successful print of the forward mast or the sail (I tried sails from multiple ships but none printed successfully). The sail prints, be default, on its back (the back of the sail is flat). This meant that the mast that's part of the sail was sticking out on the next highest layer with no support point, which messed up the print. I rotated the sail so that it was standing upright, and I added supports. This printed the sail, but due to the way the sail is formed, the remnants of the support left a jagged, torn appearance. I might have been able to sand it down better, but then the mast snapped as it really needs to be printed horizontally, not vertically, to get the required strength (as is, the mast snapped between layers). I couldn't get the forward mast to print at all. I may look at other alternatives to the masts, like thin wooden doweling and paper/card sails. Until then, I'm shelving the ship printing and moving on to another project.

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Ancient Navy
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