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Publisher: Basic Action Games
by Bob V. G. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/03/2022 15:11:49

For the last few days, I have soloed my way through All Hallow’s Eve from BAM! Basic Action Magazine #1. The system that I used to play it was Bash! Basic Action Super Heroes (Original Edition). I used SoloCutz (DriveThruRPG) as the solo engine. I did use the six characters that are included in the RPG rules.

So, the first scene was investigation (crime scene). The second scene was combat. Things really got interesting with the third scene. The P.C.s were up against a litch-lord. My White Witch cast a magical duel arena spell. The litch cast wizard tower. The end result – both teams ended up in the White Mausoleum. The White Witch was still with Baby Face, but all of the other characters were on their own. This could have ended badly if they ran into the lich too soon. They did have a chance to explore 21 rooms full of challenges, tests, and a combat. They did find the lich’s weakness (a coin from a sorority house). They used it to incapacitate the lich, they tossed him through the black portal, they found the exit, and arrived back to their home city. The final scene is where the sorority girls find their lives getting back to normal after the coin disappeared from the necklace around the sorority president’s neck. The White Witch took the most damage, so she is ready for some R&R to recover from her wounds.

Give this exciting adventure a try!

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BAM! Basic Action Magazine #1
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