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Steel and Glory, Set 1, Mini-Game #45 $5.99 $4.49
Publisher: Avalon Game Company
by alain D. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 06/20/2018 18:08:27

Hi, I asked for some answers about ambiguities concerning the rules: ''I don't understand how the shields are supposed to work. Did they give a +2 modifier to the attack skill of the wielder (a penalty?). Same question about the leather straps (-1 to ... what? resistance ? combat skill?) And what's the use of a second (inferior) weapon who gives a disavantage (dagger)? Some weapons have a "-" modifier and some a "+0" what is the difference? the strength seems unusefull except, maybe, for some non-combat actions (unexplained)? these rules seems so interesting, but ...''

Obviously, the author behind this "rules' doesn't care. a waste of money, and a lack of consideration for customers. (one more time: all purposes ... from the same author) Disapointing. So 2 Stars, (et encore, parce que je suis gentil). should be 4 with some answers


Edit: Now, after the author's answers, I gave it another try, and the game appear to be fun and simple (but not simplistic) .... so, my rating must be raised. Appologies

[4 of 5 Stars!]
Creator Reply:
Sorry you were disappointed by us here at Avalon not contacting us for your answers, but with almost 3,000 products it is impossible for us to troll the product pages for such communication. We do not recieve any kind of notification when a post in made on the product’s page. If you have a question about any of our games, it is best to either drop us an email, or better yet, post the questions on our forum, which can be found on our web site.

As for your questions....

Shields modify the final attack number required to score a hit. If the total number was say 7, and a shield was used, the the final target number would be a “9”. Thus it becomes a bit harder to score a hit and do damage.

Armor on the other hand either reduces the damage taken , eh the -1 referred to, or outright stops the damage.

Mods to weapons add to the damage felt with a successful attack. +0 means that while the weapon does not have a mod, it can be modified by other means. A “-“ means the weapon’s damage cannot be modified by any means,

Why two weapons? well the character might drop or be forced to disarm and so they might need another weapon just in case.

Strength comes in with throwing other character’s around.

I hope these answer your questions and if you need to contact us do so by means of an email or on our web site. Maybe you might then like to make an update to your rating of this product.
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Steel and Glory, Set 1, Mini-Game #45
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