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Hammer of Democracy $14.99
Publisher: Nordic Weasel Games
by Steven P. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/28/2019 22:39:10

The "Hammer" series of games share many mechanics that make the game system accesable to even new players. They are written in an easy to follow prgression that allows you to begin with a few infantry, then add a few more assets each game, until you are immersed in the system. Re-basing your figures is NOT a requirement(thank the Powers that Be). A 3x3 foot table with some dense terrain can give a most satisfactory game in a reasonable amount of time, using only a few squads per side....A good example would be two or three squads(of two stands) on each side, searching for each other in the hedgerows.

The equipment listed covers a good variety of the US, UK, USSR, and German inventory from 1940-45. Ivan tells me that Poland is going to be added soon, and other forces, such as Italy and France can be worked out using similar vehicles from the existing lists.....For exzmple, an Italian M13/39 is very close to a Russian T26. An Italian 47mm AT gun is about equal to a German 50mm....You get the idea.

The Finns can be added by getting the separate set "Winter Hammer".

Highly recommended for face-to-face gamers ready to enjoy a game without bogging dowm in rules, or solo gamers with limited time.

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Hammer of Democracy
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