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Attacco a Malta $4.00
Publisher: Lumaca Games
by ashley m. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/10/2019 16:40:56

this game is actually very good. I have it and it's companion game "Attacco a Suda', (Italian small craft attack on the Brits at Suda Bay, Crete, 26 march 1941.) This game concerns the ill-fated Italian attack on Malta by the Xª Flottiglia MAS on 25 and 26 July 1941. Xª Flottiglia MAS is considered the world's greatest underwater commando group ever assembled (these folks were tougher than the US Navy Seals of today. FYI - the Seals came from the USN UDT's which were formed after the USN found out about Xª Flottiglia MAS).

the game The print out was a little difficult, because US paper sizes are very different from European sizes. I had to go from European paper size to US by blowing up and shrinking the game and finally use 11"x17" to get the size of game map that I wanted. No big deal.

Once I had everthing printed out, then read the rules a couple of times and thank goodness I am learning Italian (thanks to Marco who has become a good friend), as I found a "portafortuna", or as known in English, a lucky charm, LOL!!!

I like this idea in Lumaca Games. And to be honest, the Xª Flottiglia MAS should have had 5 or 6 of these on those two fateful days. The game has search lights and a very good early warning detection for the British in the game that unfortunately got me. I have played the game 21 times and only won 5. Out of the 5 games won, 3 were because of the portafortuna. It is tough. But rightfully as it should be.

la fine della recensione The cost of the game is very resonable, VERY. It really isn't a very big download or prints out big, but I like my games HUGE (so I can see them), that's why I fiddled with the sizes. The game is not perfect, but there are NO perfect games. The game has a lot of very interesting ideas and concepts. For example, how Marco made the British searhlightes work in the game especially with the timing of the different areas.

It's a keeper and if you only play it a few times, it can be a real eye opener towards the Italian underwater commandos - Xª Flottiglia MAS was tough.

Thanks Marco for a very nice series of games.

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Creator Reply:
Thank you Ashley so much for your review and your suggestions! We are happy that you are enjoying our games!
Marco & Lucrezia @ Lumaca Games
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Attacco a Malta
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