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Legends Of Araby $9.95
Publisher: Rebel Minis
by Olivier S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/17/2020 14:58:41

"Legends of Araby" is 91 pages long "skirmish" game by Ed Teixeira, i.e. a game halfway between RpGs and a stand-up/figurine game that you can alone.

It uses Ed's "2D6 Sword & Sorcery" system found in other of his books, a system (described in 9 pages at the end of the book) that revolves around one stat : Reputation (a little like "level" in many RpGs, however this "Rep" can both increase or decrease following the outcome of the different encounters). OK, I'm aware that it was impossible to lodge a more detailed system but I explained in one of my other reviews ("Talomir Tales - Distant Shores") that this One-Stat leads to the impossibility of developing a strategy and to two opposite ends : either you're too weak and are doomed to failure and demise, or the lucky end, you become near invulnerable after two encounters (what happened to me...)

Fortunately, the setting really saves this book for Ed has managed what not everyone has attained : to render the atmosphere of the Arabian Nights. "Legends of Araby" is set in the desert realm of Barylistan (of the larger "Talomir" world used by Ed for his medieval fantasy works). Most of the game revolves around the "interactions" that your character shall have with the inhabitants of that country : tens of different Interaction tables with diffeent results are given, with encounter tables depending on the region, or the city you are in. Therefore, the game turns itself into a small gamebook full of little adventures like being given a mission to set free a nomad chief's daughter from a harem or become a mercenary in a "faction" (like the army, the hill bandits, etc...), in the very spirit of Aladdin or the tabletop game "Tales of the Arabian Nights". So, these encounters and interactions are a must for any lover of Sword & Sorcery who, perhaps, shall use them with a ruleset of his choice.

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Legends Of Araby
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