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Shouting the Battle Cry of Freedom $14.99
Publisher: Nemo Lionikis
by william c. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/07/2019 15:25:24

I wanted to get a couple of games in using SBofF before posting a review because at first glance and reading, the rules look a liitle old school and a bit cumbersome. The layout is text heavy - albeit there a a lot of examples - and so for me took a while to grasp some important concepts. Then after a second reading it all fell into place

The rules aim to allow players to recreate the larger actions of the ACW, with e the base unit being the Division - this can be offputting especially for the Union as their formation designations shifted throughout the war. The author suggest a minimum table size of eight foot by six, which is likely beyond home use so is rather suited to club play. However, using smaller forces , enjoyable games can be played on a more standard six by four. However, as I am cramped for space anyway, using smaller scales than the suggested 15mm, for instance 6mm and swapping measurements from inches to cms double your effective table size and allows the rules to shine - note the game provides a ruler which I printed at 50%, I also play using 2mm or 3mm armies.

The tactical rules are straightforward and wll explained and provide a decent game.

However the game really shines using the advanced rules for leadership, orders and fog of war. The author has neatly provided a very playable system that makes you think strategically about probing the enemy position , deploying accordingly and giving effective orders to get the job done. You can blunder forward blindly, but a prepared enemy will cut your forces to ribbons I really like the programmed move (works best with a umpire)that allows the shifting of out of sight forces accross the battlefield ready to launch that flank attack - Chancellorsville anyone?.

As well as the rule set the author provides all the required QR sheets and as mentioned rather nifty rulers, as well as markers for the Fog of War movement.

We have enjoyed our games so far and recommend these rules for something a bit different to bring to your table.

A few wishes , options for militia infantry, army lists and scenarios

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Shouting the Battle Cry of Freedom
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