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Heroic Maps - Geomorphs: Basic Cave $7.50
Publisher: Heroic Maps
by Matthew P. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 10/13/2019 16:16:02

These are great for making your own tiles. I printed them with a color laser and they look fantastic. It comes with instructions on how to print them that are spot on.

There aren't any instructions on how to cut these out or piece them together, so here's how I made my tiles:

Warning: this is a fair amount of work!

  1. Print the tiles in color with grid lines at the recommended scale. I printed on letter page with 91% scaling so I'd end up with 1" squares.
  2. Go to your local art supply store and buy some 1ply chipboard. I paid ~$5.00 for 2x ~32x40" sheet
  3. Buy some 3M spray glue.
  4. Buy a box knife, or snap-off blade tool, and some replacement blades.
  5. You will need a ruler, straightedge, and/or t-square so you can cut and measure things. Buy what you need.
  6. Cut out the cave tiles. Use that ruler to get nice straight cuts. Change the blade as necessary.
  7. Here's the tricky part: the pages that have the word "Tile" on them have an extra grid column (less than 1") of overlap. Use the gridlines to trim this off. If you do it correctly, the two pages (in order) will line up nicely.
  8. The pages that don't have the word "Tile" on them are end pieces and they are perfect 1" grid squares already. Don't trim these.
  9. You should now have a stack of 5x10" tile pages.
  10. Cut the chipboard into 11" strips length wise (you want these straight so use that straightedge), you will end up with 3 of them and a left over piece.
  11. You are going to place two tiles next to other horizontally and then move down the 11" strip and place another two and then move down and do it again. Since two tiles are 10" and the strips are 11" you want to allow for some margin on all sides of each tile. You are going to trim that off.
  12. Follow the instructions on the spray glue and spray one of the 11" strips of chipboard with glue.
  13. Place a row of two tiles. Don't try to line them up with the edges or each other. Just get two up, in a row, with some margin around them.
  14. Repeat this for each strip.
  15. With the left over bits of chipboard, glue any remaining cave tiles you have.
  16. If you have any chipboard left over save it for your next set of Heroic Tiles.
  17. Let everything dry.
  18. Using your ruler, trim all of the tiles nice and square, lopping off the bits of margin here and there. This is tedious and takes time, but you will end up with some very nice tiles so take your time.
  19. When it is all said and done, you should have 33 reusable tiles!

All and all, even though it was a lot of work, I am really happy with how these tiles turned out. Recommended!

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Creator Reply:
Thanks so much for taking the time to leave such a detailed and helpful review. I'm sure many others who want to make durable tiles from this set will find this very helpful. Thanks again, and happy gaming!
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Heroic Maps - Geomorphs: Basic Cave
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