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The Mansion $1.99
Publisher: DramaScape
by Jennie G. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 09/08/2020 16:07:31

This is a delightful little reasonably priced mansion map, suitable to multiple purposes. I especially appreciate the multiple versions of the map (with different kinds of hex-/grid-lines AND without gridlines at all), as I can show my players the unmarked VTT version while using the gridded version to count ranges if someone gets into an indoor fight with the monsters.

I also appreciate the included recommendations to other DramaScape maps -- several of which are offered for free! -- that can fill in as floors above and below the purchased map. I definitely came back to buy more DramaScape products for future adventures because of the versatility with this map and the free options.

The included adventure -- which we won't be using, but we all exclaimed over with glee -- is system-agnostic and easy to adapt for a one-shot or convention game.

The included description often does not match the actual room it is describing. This stumped me a few times until I quit trying to hurry through my adventure preparation. Anyone planning to use this product without rewriting should take a few days ahead of time to compare and correct the written descriptions.

Also: As I'm finding to be true in many of the DramaScape products, this house lacks storage spaces such as closets and pantries. There is no place for mansion visitors to put their coats, hats, umbrellas, or other outdoor gear, there is no place for those visiting the servants' entrances to tidy themselves up or for that matter to find a broom, and there is certainly not any sort of food storage space in/near the kitchen. I wished the kitchen had a couple of small spaces that I could have labeled as a pantry and an icebox or refrigerator.

As a last note... One of my player characters recognized a certain board game from our distant childhoods almost immediately! That set everyone else, including me, to checking for Secret Passages. I think someone spent more time poking around in the corners of the kitchen, study, lounge, and consevatory than they spent looking for actual clues!

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The Mansion
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