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Target Locked-On! - Modern Air Combat Wargame Rules $8.00
Publisher: Rory Crabb
by Bernd D. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 06/01/2022 01:37:55

Quick to learn and clear rules system that can cover the broad time era of modern air combat. Of the 40 or so pages, only the first 20 pages contain the actual rules, the rest are very well balanced aircraft stats and even an easy to understand system to be able to map even aircraft in the game whose stats are not present in the given lists.

The rules are certainly not for screw counters who want to see every little aspect of modern jet combat mapped out. It is a streamlined system that, through the use of maneuver templates and a thoughtful use of speed or altitude loss, allows for much more tactics than it appears at first glance.

With easy-to-follow rules for pilot skills of different experience levels, plenty of cinematic moments on the battlefield are preprogrammed. Also included are various mission scenarios that go far beyond normal duels in the air. Reconnaissance missions, ground target attacks, all the essentials are there, but covered in such a catchy way and with continuous dice mechanisms that the system always remains clear.

'Target Locked On' is exactly the rules I've been looking for for a long time. Tactically exciting, but not so complex that you can't have lots of fun with it for two hours after a long day at work.

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Target Locked-On! - Modern Air Combat Wargame Rules
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