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Android: Monitor
Publisher: Fantasy Flight Games
by Jukka V. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/18/2020 16:09:33

Book is quite mediocre at the writing level, but unfortunately that's not it's largest weakness. Books plot is fairly weak, and unbelievable. Also, end is very anticlimatic. I didn't quite get what this book tries to be, but classic tragedy comes to mind. Unfortunately the book fails as tragedy. I have now read all Android universe book, and this definitely is the weakest. It's whole mood is very diffent from other books is series. Other Android Universe books open the world for reader, but this book just seems to close it. Maybe the biggest fault in Android: Monitor is that is feels out of place when compared to other Android books.

Who might enjoy this: People who want to read one take on how media works in Android Universe.

My recommendation: Ignore this book, unless you have read everything else from Android Universe, or you are really interested about media.


  • Everything technology related. (Cameras everywhere)
  • Megacorp omnipotency is present, although only in form of NBN


  • Plot is unbelievable and disorganized (and partially hard to follow, I got a feeling that the writing was rushed, or maybe book was cut to shorter than writer intented.)
  • Technology is added fairly superficially, and not utilized in proper manner (see Exodus from same series to see better example how it should be done.)
  • Characters are unrelatable and it's hard for reader to actually care about them
  • Megacorp omnipotency is too blatant. There are no shades of grey in it, like in other android universe books.

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Android: Monitor
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