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Publisher: Nordic Weasel Games
by Philippe D. F. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/26/2018 18:31:41

I really loved what I have found in this bundle: a full game, perfect for skirmishes, where each soldier is not a list of stats with numbers attached to each. In fact most soldiers don't have stats, they have a weapon and it's enough for what they are supposed to do. Rules use 1D6 and definitely aim at being quickly playable. On each case (hit, spot etc) only rolls of 1 or 6 will indicate an important effect on figures.

But it is not a simplistic game either, there is everything one expect to find in such a game. The trick is that the author is able to explain complivated things clearly and efficiently. Many games claim to be easy to learn but this one really is. There is the basic rulebook and each other file is a choke-full of details on one aspect of skirmishes. that way to write is really efficient because the basic rulebook is 32-page long only and makes a good apethizer for further rules needs on this subject or another.

I think that I have found a complete, detailed but manageable set of rules in a skirmish games universe where people mostly take too much time giving relevance to details. Here, if you are not about details or rules lawyering, you may not even need the additional data about character's skills, wounds levels, or partisans equipments to name only a few within dozens of detailed, separate chapters in the extensions.

When I am going to play again firearms-like skirmishes I will use these rules. A beautifully engineered little gem of a game.

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FiveCore Retro Collection
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