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Scales & Slime: Theme Pack $2.25
Publisher: Trash Mob Minis
by Lynn P. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 03/11/2019 23:20:35

This is the only Trash Mob set I can't rate 10/10, but only 9.78/10 rounding up to 5/5. Which is to say it's still amazingly fantastic and would be cheap at twice the price and you should buy it immediately, but I kind of wish there was a page with more than two of the basic-ass snakes on it so that I could print a whole Indiana-Jones-frightening snakepit at once. Apart from that incredibly minor niggle these scaly monsters are generally ultimazing, and as a big fan of macuahuitls I like... that there are... macuahuitls. Anyway buy the snake set.

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Scales & Slime: Theme Pack
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