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Five Men at Kursk $14.99
Publisher: Nordic Weasel Games
by Steven P. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/09/2020 23:20:47

I read throught he entire book last night. This game is intended for small unit actions...up to a few squads, witht he chance for some supporting fire or vehicles. The suggested starting force has six figures per side, on a small table. I used a 2x3 foot board, witha small village in the center. The first try saw the Germans and americans approch from opposite directions. dice are rolled by each side to determine the number of actions, and which actions, the soldiers are allowed. Not everyonne will be able to act(but just might get to react). As the americans moved into cover on their side of town, one German fired his rifle, missing, but disrupting his target. One the German turn they too tried to get cover from the buildings. Two americans were hit and went down, while one German did so. On the rally phase, one of the Americans was found to be alright, while the other was dead. As the firefight continued, the US sergeant had a chance to spray down the street, and put another german 'out of action'. Right right flank rifleman took out another German, and the remaining Germans picked up their wounded and left. (The practice scenario goes to the first side to inflict three 'out of actions'.

The game took ten minutes, checking charts for weapons ranges and #dice to throw, The next game will be quicker. I used "Axis and allies' figures, with no special basing required. I am going to play this scenario a few more times, then start rolling for random support troops, and othe options that the game includes. I like the layout, the Quick Refenrence Charts, and the fast flow of play. The lists of supporting weapons and vehicles is rather extensive, and most of what is not included, will be no trouble for most 'tredheads' to rate on their own,

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Five Men at Kursk
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