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Old School Tactical $25.00
Publisher: Flying Pig Games
by Scott G. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 06/10/2022 11:56:04

I purchased the game because of the great reviews, and I was looking to expand my WW II Armor Combat Tactical game play, I am a Panzer junkie. I downloaded the rules and such, printed them out and was pleased with the rule system and ease of play, when my buddy drops by, we can run a quick game while we catch up on old times. I was very disappointed in printing out the games pieces, they are not a standard size, ( Letter/Legal), but with some creative pdf work, I was able to print out the counters. The maps are different story, they are too big and not the size you can print out on your home printer, causing me to check with local printers and online printing services, which would actually cost me more than the orginal box and that is not including the game download and supplies and time and effort, I was looking at 200.00 plus. Good game system, but I would suggest buying the boxed version and not the download version.

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Old School Tactical
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