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Naval Warfare : Space big battles $7.50
Publisher: Geoff Curran
by Shawn B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/12/2019 12:45:48

A simple system that scratches an itch to handle fleet-sized engagements. This is basically WWI/II in space. Systems are generic, so you won't see references to your typical sci-fi weapon tropes. Clever mechanism to differentiate damage. I've developed a fondness of using ship stat cards because of this system. The system recognizes two different styles of combat tropes; ships that favor forward attack, and ships that favor broadsides. Beware of fighters and bomber rules; the die roll mechanic is the opposite of ship batteries, but you'll quickly adapt to make the mental switch in modes after a few games. I recommend this for anyone who wants nice naval actions with a sufficient veneer of spaceship goodness. There is no ship design system with this version, although the rules provide a sufficiently larger variety of starship types that match up with most wet navy classes (and since most sci-fi tropes are based off wet navy classifications and naming conventions, it's no big deal).

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Naval Warfare : Space big battles
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