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The Struggle of Standards $13.50
Publisher: Potomac Publications
by Nigel T. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 03/07/2023 04:42:40

I was really in two minds as to order or not, as I was looking for some detailed information (approx unit/force sizes, possible make up etc, etc,) to allow me to refight some classic dark age actions. Hopefully this publication would help, the price was putting me off and lack of reviews or other info, anyway I purchased. tbh I have to say there is not much here that I could not have found out myself by just searching on line. Sorry to say I think it's way over priced for a pdf and some high level overviews. I fully understand the real lack of details that can be drawn upon, but given the title and front cover i was expecting a lot more.

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The Struggle of Standards
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