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No Stars in Sight. Hard scifi platoon action $9.99
Publisher: Nordic Weasel Games
by Victor D. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/04/2020 14:35:07

No Stars in Sight is aimed at the sub-company level game, with players taking a platoon or two of infantry, with perhaps a vehicle or two in support. However, larger games are easily playable with these rules. Although the rules are intended for a near future hard sci-fi game setting, the rules also include full options for sc-fant & space opera games. As well as these optional rules NSiS also includes rules covering several types of alien races ... The Swarm, Warriors, The Many to name but a few. The basic rules are very simple and quick to grasp, but once more options and variant troop types become involved NSiS becomes a much more in-depth game, although care must be taken to make sure you know how your soldiers will 'work' in the rules - playing a few games will soon result in you knowing what (and how) to 'work' with them!

The infantry combat rules take a little getting used to if you're used to the idea that your little lead soldiers will do what you want each & every turn, no questions asked - in NSiS they'll quickly begin to lose effectiveness as a fight progresses; this means that each game can become increasingly tense as your soldiers get pinned own just short of their objectives, or as that horde of melee focussed bug warriors appears over the hill crest. Teamwork & proper use of all available cover is absolutely vital - trying an uncordinated mad dash across open ground, or the traditional line 'em up & march 'em forwards across that field approach, will quickly result in a hail of reaction fire and casualties galore that will stop your troops (dead) in their tracks ... As befits a smaller level game focussed on platoons & squads what happens to your wounded troopers matters (unless you're playing a swarm of uncaring alien beasties, that is).

The inluded vehicle rules are neat and tidy and work well within the rules without the (normal) problem inherent to smaller level games, that being the vehicles used in small scale games overpowering & dominating the infantry action - NSiS is very much an infantry platoons & squads game.

The rules themselves are clearly & neatly written & presented, with the occasional piece of artwork not detracting from or overwhelming the presentation - printed in greyscale & spiral bound with a laminated cover, it makes a nice little rulebook for a very reasonable price.

No Stars in Sight is a very impressive ruleset, a worthy compatriot to SG II, and way superior to Gruntz in almost all respects. Nuff sed ...

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No Stars in Sight. Hard scifi platoon action
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