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Star Fleet Battles: Federation Master Starship Book $24.95
Publisher: Amarillo Design Bureau
by John W. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/15/2021 18:56:31

There must be some logic to how this book is organized, laid out, and the over-all plan for the book. I must say whatever the plan for it is, I disagree. It doesn't really feel like a "master starship book" when so much information is missing for each ship. And the organization may make sense from a production timeline perspective, but for someone trying to get into the game, or gain information into the background or setting of the game, it really isn't that good.

If you want a book that represents a faction in the world you've created, and the world you've created includes multiple different games, then instead of the book being "Star Fleet Battles: Federation Master Starship Book", it should be "Star Fleet Universe: Federation Master Starship Book", and should provide a refference information for SFB, FC, ACTA:SF, ARMADA, PRIME DIRECTIVE, F&E, etc.
Ships should be organized based on hull type and hull size instead of whatever order they are now. There should be a general timeline that shows major refits, new hull introduction dates, etc. Hulls should have subcatagories for different modifications/fittings/refits/etc. Like the CA should have CF, CC, CA+ information involved. Some information that would be nice for PRIME DIRECTIVE would be nice, like giga of power, number of weapon systems, crew size, and other stuff that you might find/want. And of course, what books you can find cards/information about each ship type for each system, like where the SSD's are for SFB, FC, which ACTA book its in (or CL magazine or whatever). And maybe.. whats the word.. isometric views from multiple angles? top side front?

Its extra work, but it combines all the information you might want, it helps guide people to different games so people can experience all the games available if they want, or find the one they want that they'd have the most fun with. And yeah, as things change you might be reluctant to make these books as fleshed out as I think they should be, but just don't make it a print book, maybe pdf only? Ah who cares what I think anyways.

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Star Fleet Battles: Federation Master Starship Book
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