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Close Quarters: Skirmish Miniatures Rules $12.50 $9.95
Publisher: Legionnaire Games
by Jason S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/08/2019 08:37:15

I got a chance to play this recently, and it was pretty fun. I like the turn sequence in general, and I liked the way that terrain and cover were described, such that they were pretty unambiguous and quick to figure out.

Speaking of figuring things out, I did have a little trouble sorting out what some things meant. Like, "force points" and "force point level" aren't the same thing (you use one to look up the other on a chart at the front of the book). And there was more than one reference to "xxxxxx", which I suppose was meant to be a page number?

But editing aside, it was a fun game that kept both sides engaged (although both of those sides were me). Unfortunately, I didn't have an opportunity to dig into all of the extra bits, like off-board artillery and Leader units and vehicles (though the rules are there and seem pretty thorough), but the infantry action was enjoyable, and the combat system quick, with few modifiers to worry about. Damage rolls are technically on a chart, but since they basically amount to "Stun and one less than the difference", I never actually had to reference it.

I don't know about balance, though. I only played one game, 88 points of veterans vs 99 points of regulars, and the regulars got stomped hard (I think that an extra action each round might be pretty powerful stuff), but it was only one game and it might have just been bad tactics on my part.

Here's a turn by turn (and couplet by couplet) breakdown of the game I played:


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Close Quarters: Skirmish Miniatures Rules
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