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Friday Night Fights 2nd Edition $9.99 $4.99
Publisher: 2 Hour Wargames
by Lucas D. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 06/08/2022 18:51:17

I must admit I approached this title with reservations after the first read, but it has pleasantly surprised me. The step of creating a boxer is pretty exciting, with many random traits being disadvantages that will affect your strategy. Granted, some are worse to cope with than others, but all in all it gives you the feeling that you are creating realistic boxers. You may even be a charismatic devil that gets points just out of charm!

As a dice chucker, it has a lot of impredictability. It is indeed easy to lose control of the fight if you are not careful with the bonus dice. It will force you to calculate carefully every move, especially during the first few rounds, which can be vital for the development of the rest of the fight.

The only weak point for me would be that the AI will sometimes eat through these dice like candy, leaving the reminder of the match entirely to pure luck, with mild advantages over your stats, though this is easily fixable with some house rules (in my case, I just refill the bonus dice at the beginning of each round, substracting one from each fighter's pool).

All in all, a very solid boxing game, fun, quick to set-up and play. Very addictive. Recommended!

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Friday Night Fights 2nd Edition
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