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Micro Armour: The Game-WWII, 2nd Edition (Full Color) $42.95 $0.00
Publisher: GHQ
by Stephen Y. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 10/29/2020 16:23:38

106 pages including 2 for ToC. 1/285 scale (6mm). 1/300 scale (5mm) should fit ok as well. You need a d20 for cohesion rolls, a d8 for artillery and air strike deviation, and 2d6 for initiative and combat.

Quite a number of examples to help players understand the game. Rules look pretty good.

Printing this will use a lot of ink (background). Couldn't seem to disable the background. Printer friendly version?

Being free; it's well worth look.

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Micro Armour: The Game-WWII, 2nd Edition (Full Color)
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