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Easy 2.5D Ruins and Accessories $2.75 $1.95
Publisher: PERMES
by Joseph B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 03/12/2019 23:04:12
Missing Parts?

A good kit, but page two of the PDF describes a triple-folding wall segment "C" which doesnt seem to exist in the kit. None of the pieces are labelled so its very unclear if this part exists in the PDF or not. Without part C this can create stability problems for the castle wall. After studying the PDF and instructions carefully, for at least an hour, I have absolutely no idea what part "C" is as nothing in the kit is folded more than once at a very simple 90 degree angle.

Misleading Avertising

Additionally the wooden bridge which is advertised in one of the photos is not included in this kit (not even as a bonus) or as an item you can buy anywhere in the permes store. Disappointed by that :( The missing wood textures especially has stopped some of my project ideas for this kit.

Which building is the "old chapel" or the "tavern" etc is not labelled, again building on the earlier problem of lack of clear instructions. This is not a big deal, but considering everything is ruined and generic this does make it hard to distinguish exactly which building is which, and why. A tavern / inn was advertised and due to no signage accessory parts to create a tavern / inn the product does not deliver on that promise (include one tavern/inn sign at least). There is no gates accessories, only closed and opened doors. There is also NO "Castle great hall", that is an extreme exaggeration. There is no broken table, throne or suits of armour/decoration to suggest a great hall ruin exists in the kit. The ruin on page 11 might be the hall, but if it is, its really a passing effort to label a generic building as something far grander than it actually is.


Simple, Portable and Fast Builds

What is really included is a set of four generic ruins and the castle walls. And in this regard the generic ruins are excellent and simple to put together. I would give this 5 stars but due to unlabelled and possibly missing parts (bridge, castle segment C, tarvern sign accessory), for now, until I see an update. I have to give this 1/5.

Suggested Improvements
  • Include the bridge as a bonus (because it is not fold flat) - this bridge already exists!
  • Include the wood texture from the bridge, this could be used for flooring and elevation levels.
  • Label everything clearly, especially the castle wall segments.
  • A sign accessory for the tavern / inn!
  • To be fair, each suggestion is worth one star.

I wanted to like this ruins set so much. The concept for this kit is excellent and so close to perfect, but a few mistakes stop this kit from being really great.

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Easy 2.5D Ruins and Accessories
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