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Into the Wilderness: Map 0 $0.00
Publisher: Crooked Staff Publishing
by Nathan W. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/25/2020 16:45:30

This is a great product. Just the right balance of trees to background to allow placement of figures etc. The artist underplays the quality of the artwork. I think it's certainly as good as anything sold specifically as tiles. Separate PDF pages allowed me to print it out and fix it to 6 panels (of thick corrugated cardboard) to create a robust battle board just over 20" square. This was great for a quick skirmish game and I'm sure I will use it again. It's certainly given me the confidence to come straight to Crooked Staff the next time I need modular terrain that I can print out and decide how much of it I want to put into play. Great stuff!

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Into the Wilderness: Map 0
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