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Gang Wars - Grimdark Future Firefight Expansion $4.99
Publisher: onepagerules
by Colton J. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/05/2024 18:26:42

Amazing game, really fun for me and my friends. We've played a ton, and it's been awesome. I am shocked at how attached you get to your little guys, or how many story telling options come up through the campaign. We've now got long running story arcs, character deaths that have gone down in legend, and grudges between gang members from rival gangs. So fun. I've got a few small gripes, but overall, I love this game-- WAY more than just the normal Grimdark Future Firefight rules.

I kind of wish that there were more cool abilities to customize, more gang units, more mechanics. I realize it's a difficult job to balance how rules lite you want to be, between Necromunda and Index Card RPG. Still, I wish it was moved a smidge more detailed. Less simple random events (why would "roll a dice, and if you get X, some random guy gets hit on the head" be fun???), less randomizing leveling up-- I want to build more details for my guys. More options, you know? Why isn't there a medic ability that actually heals other units, not "roll a dice when they're hit, and on a 4-6 they can regenerate a wound"? I feel like it's just a smidge over corrected to the simplified side. Surely "heals 1 HP" is not such a difficult thing for me to grasp? I freaking love the hide option they added to the city fighting rule. More stuff like that! More cool faction differences! More options!

Oh, my only other gripe-- the amazing list builder that they have online-- it doesn't work for this game. Well, it sort of does-- you can buy the individual units per cost. But good luck with the leveling up abilities, or the extensive equipment options. Ideally you could add like a character portrait for your guys. It's surprising how attached you get to your little gang members. It's just a shame that there's relatively little you can do to customize them or mess around with them.

Oh well-- it's a really fun game, and way better than any Games Workshop game I've ever played.

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Gang Wars - Grimdark Future Firefight Expansion
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