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Verrotwood $9.00 $6.66
Publisher: Mike Crutchett
by Stuart K. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/16/2023 10:33:44

Some interesting game mechanics, but marred by over-ambitious presentation and lack of attention to detail.

This game could be an interesting, quicker and more affordable alternative to Mordheim (which really seems to be “trending” as of late) and I hope players with more time than myself are able to fill in the blanks.

As is, the rules are poorly written, riddled with typos and grammatical errors, omissions and assumptions. I appreciate the game designer is attempting to rectify the typos, but I feel this ruleset could really shine if it was re-written in a way that reflects the relatively stream-lined play.

The “Folk Horror” theme that’s marketed isn’t particularly prevalent in the game play (with the exception of some abilities called "Rituals" and some fun thematic terrain effects) and I feel this ruleset could be easily adapted to any generic fantasy setting.

I’d be more lenient with my criticisms if this was a “Pay-what-you-want” affair, but considering the asking price, this feels like a rushed Beta draft. Asking for people’s help to finish the project after they’ve already paid for it seems unfair when there’s already so many alternative great and free skirmish rulesets available right now.

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