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Weasel-Tech. High Octane Cybernetic Warfare $12.99
Publisher: Nordic Weasel Games
by David M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 12/11/2021 14:18:15

This review is being written based on version 0.92 Weasel's Counterattack. Weasel-Tech will continue to grow based on the visions of the author and the input of the players so if anything in this review conflicts with a later version, my apologies.

This is probably the first full on solo space opera anime episodic campaign heavy tabletop skirmish game ever created, so there's not a lot to compare it to. The only other solo mech game I know of is 5150 No Quarter - Mecha Combat and that is an entirely different gaming experience. Other mecha games have a bolt on solo system that can work well, but Weasel-Tech was built from the ground up for solo play.

You start the game with a stable of 8 Mecha, 6 Pilots, and 6 Command Staff. Unlike most 5 X from Y systems such as Five Parsecs from Home, Five Leagues from the Borderlands, and Five Klicks from the Zone, Weasel-Tech does not have background generators for your characters. I used a random anime character generator to form my 6 Pilots and used a combination of characters I've been holding in my head and a random name generator to form the Command Staff. You start with 2 styles of mecha frames to choose from, and have 4 of each. You choose from available weapons and equipment to load them out and gain access to better tech levels as you increase in experience. This allows for more advanced mecha frames as well.

Not only does Weasel-Tech offer the fluid gameplay of campaign and combat as seen in most of the 5 X from Y systems it also has the single most important addition to gameplay that I had no idea I was lacking until I read it upon these pages.

The Social System.

It is an optional rule, but intergral for a true character driven experience. Personal encounters create plot importance, friendship, rivalries, love, and the potential love triangle shenanigans that could ensue. While it is not currently part of starting a campaign, I would highly recommend starting Turn 0 of your Operation with a roll through the Social System. Frank Castillo of Jaguars Den Games first suggested it on the Facebook group, and it is a winner.

Here is an example of how my Squadron is starting the game:

Pilot Orochimaru and Intel Officer Ami Mizuno meet in a Private Location. They have no known feelings for each other. An Unexpected Event occurs. While hanging out, Pilot Happy shows up. Orochimaru and Happy have a heated exchange.

Orochimaru and Happy are now Rivals

Before the arrival of Happy, Ami Mizuno and Orochimaru had spent some time together and got along well, strengthening their relationship.

Ami Mizuno and Orochimaru are now Friends

Happy and Ami Mizuno spend some time together after Orochimaru leaves, strengthening their relationship.

Happy and Ami Mizuno are now Friends

And that's how Operation: Strong Biscotti starts for Battlecats Squadron.

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Weasel-Tech. High Octane Cybernetic Warfare
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