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TRIUMPH! v1.1 $20.00
Publisher: Washington Grand Company
by Fabio R. S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 11/13/2021 14:34:32

Triumph! retains many of the strengths of its famous predecessor (e.g. rule-light, small army size, generalized unit types), then tries to improve some of its limits with success. The textbook is clear and understandable. Armies are not confined to 12 elements, but each unit has a point value, making armies more customizable and allowing more strategic choices during army preparation. Auxilia, a source of much malcontent among DBA players, have been split into different categories, while trying to improve playability and historical accuracy. Psiloi and Light Horse have been reclassified in different unit types as well, adding more flavour and making javelinmen or horse archer-heavy armies playable. However, because the historical wargame community is so dispersed and divided in terms of which rules to play, I think army portability across different rule systems is important as well. Having more unit options also may create portability issues, and require some rebasing, the case of Rabble being the most notable example. Nonetheless, a much needed improvement over DBA and similar systems. Much recommended!

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