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West Gate Paper Model $5.95
Publisher: Dave Graffam Models
by David W. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 12/08/2011 16:32:33

I really thought this was going to get all 5 stars. It was just when I got to the last few stages, I noticed some design flaws.

The way Mr. Graffam does layers is AMAZING! You can customize your models so much that it is like you are building it before you even print it out. The final quality is second to none.

Why only 4 stars? There were some issues with the balconies. The railings don't seem to fit just right. The next issue was the long center roof section is only attached solidly on one end. The way that section A attached (the little house section on the bottom left of the picture) was pure genius! Another set of tabe like this on the attaic way were VERY necessary.

The most disappointing concern was the chimney on the left of the same section of the roof. When you select the chimney option, the layer chooses a spot for the chimney. The problem is, the roof has a white area to house the chimney on BOTH sides of the roof. Therefore, the chimney should have a shape similar to "/" on the bottom, with the two roof sides slipping up between them. Instead, the chimney has a piece shaped more like "!/" meaning that it can only go onto ONE side of the roof, leaving a large white square on the opposite side. This could be "fixed" by printing out a second chimney and gluing it to make the chimney double-wide. I feel that needing to print out another WHOLE sheet of this model to get a second chimney is a waiste of time and paper. Had this printed out two chimnies on one sheet, I could have dealt with that. If you chose to print out additional chimnies, it would have left more large white areas on the model.

Mr. Graffam is among the best when it comes to buildings of this style. I still think the model looks great, but the concerns I have listed here caused it to get a lower rating.

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Creator Reply:
Thanks for your review! I'm sorry you had trouble with the balconies. I personally didn't have any trouble with the fitting of those, but I'll keep an eye on that sort of thing in the future. As for the roof, this model was designed before I made diagonal roof support tabs a standard feature of my designs. I agree it's a little fiddly without them, but I hope you managed to get it to work. Both types of chimneys (with chevron bases and with diagonal bases) are included. There are 2 of each on Page-04, which should be plenty for this set.
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West Gate Paper Model
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