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Five Parsecs From Home - Solo Adventure Wargaming $20.00
Publisher: Modiphius
by Luiz P. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/06/2021 12:20:39

This is a really good solo wargame.

I've tried Rangers of Shadowdeep (which I like quite a lot), but this one is very enjoyable because of how good it is a creating a story. The many tables, the many rolls you make outside of battle makes stories easy to come up with.

For instance, one of my crew clearly showcased himself as a troublemaker after exploring and causing a rival to show up, and then later getting into a fight. All of this because of character and campaign rolls.

Battle might be a slight contention for some folks because of how deadly everything is. Like straight up deadly, unless your character is wearing some special kind of armor (which after a few rolls in the loot table I realized how hard it is to find), the character can die with a single hit and wounded shot from an enemy. This does helps make the game a constant risk and battles may be one sided in some ways, but you should never kamikaze it, because your crew could straight up die. The AI system also plays quite well, so you are facing very disctinct enemies each time.

Also with the battle event tables, its very unlikely for battles to all be alike.

The game is quite worth its price in my opinion, best 20 bucks I spent this month.

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Five Parsecs From Home - Solo Adventure Wargaming
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