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Space Weirdos $4.99
Publisher: Garske Games
by Peter B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 06/20/2021 16:07:28

If like me you're limited on hobbytime then Space Weirdos is perfect. We'll to be fair it's pretty great even if your not, it just means you get to enjoy it more (you lucky thing).

Space Weirdos needs limited space, a 2x2 minimum table size, warbands starting from 4 miniatures and even a small rulebook that means limited time reading and learning the rules and more time playing.

However don't think that means the experience is limited. I had great fun on my initial few run throughs, albeit using the included solo rules rather than a IRL opponent. In fact the solo rules can give real character to even AI enemies. In my case (due to bad rolling) I had one enemy that spent the entire game moving up, then Cowering (a retreat action in the AI system) giving the model the character of bottling it and running away once he reached the enemy.

The concept of using the dice value as a modifier is great, if your base value is to roll a 2D6 but you gain a positive modifier you'll be rolling the next value die up, or in this example you'll move from 2D6 to 2D8. The more elite your troop, the higher their starting die. Overall it means you have a higher possible score the better you are as in some cases you get extra benefits for doubling the opposing players roll.

One thing to be aware of is don't expect to find expansive army lists or long lists of scenarios however. This embraces the old school mentality of giving you a toolbox to create your own adventure Although there are a few sample lists and scenarios. The big benefit is this is a well tuned toolbox, that is intuitive and fun, with which to do it. If, like me, you prefer a narrative game and are less concerned with perfect game balance (point systems are a general guide not an exact science in my mind) then you'll love this game as it feels built for narrative.

One thing is for sure this game will be getting plenty more playtime on my table.

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Space Weirdos
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