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Far Distant Ships $9.52
Publisher: Long Face Games
by George S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/28/2021 10:52:54

An interesting set of rules that contain some interesting ideas on sending signals from the commander to other admirals. They are let down by not being complete and clearly not play tested with players remote from the author's sphere. (A trait that seems to go through all games I have bought from them.) I have entered a few questions raised by my first read through and initial game. Let's see how this progresses.

Having played a fair few games now, the problems just seem to be magnified. So many instances cropped up that we had to make up own own rule for (in the spirit of the existing rules) we decided against continuing with them. So thanks for the effort, but I really think we will be moving on to other rules from now on.

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Far Distant Ships
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