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The Natives Are Restless Tonight Pay What You Want
Publisher: Matakishi's Tea House
by Nathan W. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/07/2021 11:20:41

Clear to read and prepare. Excellent fun to play.

Got this and had an enjoyable time making cardboard models of the buildings for the compound following the instructions provided, creating card minis for the game, making up sets of mealie bag walls etc. The booklet shows you how to lay out the compound, provides a good rundown of what forces are required, starting positions etc. The cards provided were nicely designed with the effects explained in clear and obvious manner and Union flag backs. We printed them and put them in collectible card game sleeves to make a deck. However the game can be played using ordinary playing cards and the explanation on how to do this was clear. The rules were explained well and helped two novices to run the game successfully on the first run-through. My Zulus were defeated and an excellent time was had by both participants and spectators.

The game was greeted with enthusiasm We will run the Rorkes Drift scenario through again and in addition the booklet did generate some enthusiasm for using the rules to play through other homemade scenarios in the same vein.

Thank you very much to the Tea House for providing this!

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The Natives Are Restless Tonight
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