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Stars & Lasers - The Ships That Never Were... $5.58
Publisher: Mac
by Victor D. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/29/2021 10:56:36

This is a great addition to the Stars & Lasers line of expansions ... a range of experiemntal, prototype and shipwrights cheese-dream warships, complete with all the rules pertinent to them & a good suuply of ship data sheets that only require printing and laminating )or pouches) to get straight into play.

Each of the ship designs presented in this expansion are unique in some way, but all are 'improvements' upon the standard ship types commonly used in the game. But, as well as being faster, or better armed, or 'special' in some way, each of the ships comes with design flaws, technical faults or other (often serious) issues that can cause not end of problems (and a great deal of hilarity and fun) for their users & their opponents!

As with all the other Stars & Lasers rules & expansions, this rule book is clearly and concisely presented, with a clean layout that covers each ship type in sequence (rather than scattering the rules throughout the rulebook), and with an index to aid finding things in a hurry. The artwork is suitable and simple too.

Stars & Lasers - the main rules & all the expansions - is setting agnostic, and any miniatures by any manufacturer can be used with these rules without difficulty.

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Stars & Lasers - The Ships That Never Were...
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