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Horizon Wars: Zero Dark
Publisher: Precinct Omega Publishing
by Anthony G. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 12/04/2020 23:23:56

This is an absolutely amazing sandbox skirmish game. It plays amazing solo and co-op and I can finally play a Star Wars in the style I want to play. You can use about any mini so this ruleset will cover star wars, generic sci-fi, modern and futuristic military operations. Throw in the Nemesis rules from the Nemesis expansion and you can create an amazing solo campaign. Endless possiblities and super fun to play.

The hero creation really lets you design your custom team to your style. The mechanism to generate bonus actions that can be used by any hero really gives this game more feeling of team coordination compared to any skirmish game i have played.

5 stars! I cant wait to see where this system goes and what is to come!

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Horizon Wars: Zero Dark
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