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Publisher: NLWright
by Slorm C. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 12/03/2020 07:39:52

Nic works his magic again to improve what was already good. In the past the author published the wargame called "Irregular Wars: Conflict at the end's world" focused on the skirmishes between the conquerors and the natives in the exploration period of the XIV and XVII centuries; and it was a good regulation, quick and easy to understand and play. Well now, Mr. Wright has managed to streamline the game and add something that makes it enviable, and that is that now you can create your own units, adding special rules and modifying the profiles. In this way, the regulation becomes a timeless system, which will allow you to use the regulation in any period between the dawn of Humanity, until the first steps of the First World War. With a system of bases that adapts to the armies you already have, since only the front of the base matters, you can play with any army. It uses D6, and it can be played on a table around 90x90cm. You will also find plenty of troop examples so you can configure your own. A highly recommended game.

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Fantastic Battles
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