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War by Sail $12.00
Publisher: Ostfront Publishing
by William K. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/13/2020 16:27:17

I've played through several games and really enjoy how easy it is to pick up. The system flows pretty well and you generally don't need to consult the rulebook. It covers so many eras and things do feel fairly historical when playing. This is one of the very few sailing games that uses firing arcs which I really like. Many sail games have tons of complications and this one keeps things pretty straightforward thanks to the wind and turn aid
Has simple and effective sailing rules that incorporate wind. Has firing arcs. Has generic ships
The fire ships threat means large ships need small escorts or they have to waste their barrage on a tiny fire ship
The activation system works well
Bases work almost perfectly with 1/1200, and can possibly accommodate an even larger scale
Models and general components are super inexpensive as with all Ostfront games. Some games you will spend hundreds on just acquiring a handful of ships, but being able to buy your models from anywhere means you can have humongous fleets for very little money. My Man o' Wars were about $4 each from Navwar
The ruleset is modern unlike almost all sail games that use tons of charts and rules
Lots of tokens, but most aren't needed anyway so I get away with using about 5 different colored vase gems to get the job done
You need to reference a weapon chart, ship stats chart, and damage chart when firing. This can be worked around if you write down these stats on a separate page
You can choose to fire on the uproll or downroll which is nice, but firing on the downroll means you will never hit sails, which does not perfectly replicate the randomness of cannon
Final Thoughts
This game really condenses sail battles into something fun and manageable. I cannot find another system that even comes close to achieving this and I would recommend it to anyone interested in Age of Sail gaming. There is an example game on youtube for a good preview of the mechanics

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War by Sail
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